What we do

Brand Strategy

We help you comprehend your audience better and align communications with the nature and vision of your business. This helps to enhance communication so as to create a lucrative brand strategy that creates the desired effect in customers.

Its proper implementation allows for your business to stand out amongst its competitors and its clientele. We also offer reputation enhancement, brand ambassadorship and value alignment services to cater towards authentic brand leadership.

Social media and online marketing

Social media is another important channel that cannot be overlooked by any brand regardless of the industry they are in. We will start online trends or tap into relevant trending topics to communicate the client’s message. We send monthly posting plans that are flexible enough for us to integrate existing trending topics, as this helps us engage with our identified market.

Writing services

Blogs, newsletters, media releases, book writing, creative writing, annual reports, opinion pieces, thought leadership articles, advertorials, speeches, editing and web-writing.

Media training

We offer comprehensive professional media training for all company’s representatives before they engage with the media. With the aid of South African business journalist Heidi Giokos, we ensure that our clients are thoroughly informed about the broadcasting aspect of the media industry. Media training is meant to prepare, inform and help structure their messaging for better interaction with the media. We teach their representatives how to deal with the media in times of crisis, trending on social media unexpectedly and any major company announcements.

Internal Communications

In its purest form, internal communication refers to the way organizations and their employees share information and interact with each other. It is with this that our internal communication services include Strategic Communication, Content Production – editorial, advertorial, production scripts etc. Our Copywriting services cater for executive speech writing, stakeholder and community and supplier engagement along with internal repositioning.

Crisis Communications

In an era of social media and citizen journalism, anything and anyone can bring crisis at the door-steps of any brand. In such instances, brands need a strategic communication partner that will turn a crisis into an activity that helps the brand to move closer to its overall company objectives. Crisis communication brings publicity and truly, if well managed, bad publicity can create strong brand awareness.